Recommended Equipment For Backpacking & Hiking

The following checklists are items we would recommend each person have with them on a backpacking or hiking adventure. Some of these items are not essential to your survival, however, our philosophy is: It's better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

 Backpacking & Hiking Equipment Checklist

Essential Items
 High carbon fixed-blade knife (full tang)
 Multi-tool / lock-blade knife
 Personal survival kit ***
 First aid kit / medications
 Canteen with water / water bottles with water
 Collapsible water container (1 or 2 gallon)
 Clear plastic drinking tube (3')
 2 candy or nutrition bars
 Disposable butane lighter (brightly colored, non-opaque, adjustable flame, non childproof)
 Magnesium block fire starter with hacksaw blade striker
 Heavy duty space blanket (brightly colored)
 Regular Space Blanket (bronze and silver sided type)
 100' 550lb. test parachute cord (white for summer, olive for winter)
 Colored surveyors tape (3'-4')
 Flashlight and lanyard with 2AA batteries (brightly colored)
 2AA batteries with date of purchase
 Cell phone
 7.5 minute topographical map
 wool or synthetic stocking cap (brightly colored)
 cotton bandana (brightly colored)
 4 Heavy-duty freezer bags (2 gallon, 2 quart)
 2 55-gallon barrel liners or 3 large capacity leaf bags (store rolled up in gallon freezer bag)
Non-Essential Items
 Backpack / Waistpack
 Wrist watch / pocket watch
 GPS / extra batteries
 Folding saw / camp saw
 Rain gear
 Extra clothing
 Extra socks
 Sweatshirt / jacket
 Sunscreen / lip balm
 Hiking stick / poles
 Toilet paper
 Insect repellent
 Money / ID
 Camera / film
 Notepad / pen
*** See instructions below for building a Personal Survival Kit

 Personal Survival Kit

Note: The following considerations may be advantages to building your own survival kit versus purchasing one.
1. You can ensure survival kit items will meet your personal needs.
2. Because you have built the kit, you will be familiar with the contents and know how to use them.
3. You can replace individual worn-out parts or used items without having to replace the entire kit.

1Whistle (pea-less, brightly colored, plastic)
1Signal mirror (sightable, 3x5 glass with brightly colored duct tape reinforced pouch)
Emergency Devices
1Lock-blade knife
1Button compass
1Lens magnifier (credit card sized in brightly colored sheath)
1Matchsafe containing paraffin-coated, strike-anywhere matches
1Wire saw
1LED micro light
1Razor blade (single edge)
5X-ACTO scalpel blades (#10)
2Adhesive bandage strips
6Cotton balls saturated with petroleum jelly
1Dental floss roll
Water & Food
3Fish hooks - baitholder (size 6)
3Fish hooks - salmon egg (size 8)
3Split-shot weights (size BB)
2Snap swivels (size 14)
2Barrel swivels (size 8)
50'Fishing line
1Can opener (GI P-38)
1Water purification tablets in waterproof bottle
1Condom (non-lubricated)
Miscellaneous & Multi-Purpose
6'Duct tape
6'Utility wire (stainless steel)
50'Nylon thread
2Velcro straps
4Plastic cable ties / zip ties
2Split-rings (size 7)
2Sewing needles
4Safety pins (2 medium, 2 small)
3'Heavy duty aluminum foil
3Waterproof paper (sheets)
1Knife sharpener
1Instructions/survival guide
1Contents list
1Plastic vial (small)
1Waterproof pouch (pocket size)

 Home-made Survival Kit Example:

Cody Lundin's survival kit content listing can be found here.

 Retail Survival Kit Example (well-thought out kit):

Adventure® Medical Kits POCKET SURVIVAL PAK™ was developed by Equipped To Survive™ founder and editor Doug Ritter. Contents listing can be found here at Equipped.org.

 Brand / Product Recommendations:

Note: We have created a webpage with links to web sites of most items that we personally use and would recommend. We will not officially endorse and are receiving no monies from any of these companies. The links are simply there for you to decide for yourselves.

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